This site is no longer updated and is left online purely for historical record. Please use camelcamelcamel instead.

We are an Best Buy price tracker that provides price drop alerts and price history charts for products sold by Best Buy.

You can read more about our features here.

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The Camel Team

Daniel Green
Head time waster

Dan founded camelcamelcamel in 2008 with Camel X, and has been working on it ever since. He handles coding duties while begrudgingly managing the business stuff, too.

Camel X
Mysterious co-founder + CTO

Camel X has decades of experience with the Internet and all things geek, and a healthy respect for online privacy. A respect so extreme, in fact, that Camel X chooses to remain anonymous even on his/her company's about page!

Ben Engebreth
Super Genius

Ben is a data-minded programmer who has code in just about every page in our site. We are incredibly lucky to have him.

It's easy to see why we like Ben: just look at his website, the Department of Numbers.

Lee Cunliffe

A citizen of both the United States and New Zealand, Lee spent most of 2012 bicycling around Europe. We finally managed to pin him down and make him accept a job offer, and now he's hard at work on the Camelizer.

Lee runs a sweet art website called ARTBASH and is a member of the Wharf Jumping guild.


Nithya Gnanapandithan deserves to be singled out for her early contributions to the Camel Farm. She kept track of our to-do list, helped with user support, and stopped tons of bugs from reaching our users.


Brennan (customer #1!) and wifight!, Shane Herzog (provider of early artwork), Josh, Justin, Tima, Tyler, Kickflippin' Mike Saltsman, #nullsoft, #nerdz, Toolnavy and #t.d.n, Hoser, Chris, Mike G., Mike H.


This site makes use of Best Buy Remix, icons from famfamfam and iconfactory, YUI3, and PrototypeJS.

And of course...